No response from Student Government

Thank you, Student Government, for nothing.

Over the summer, a hurricane ravaged the northern Mexican city of Monterrey. People died, hundreds were injured and thousands were left without any services. It was the worst storm to have hit the Monterrey area in its more than 400-year history.

Because Monterrey is known to be one of the richest cities in Mexico, many organizations hesitated to send assistance promptly. However, there is unimaginable poverty in the city. Thankfully, an international response came, and Monterrey started its recovery. Partial recovery will take at least eight months.

Yes, an international response came, but not from SG. Over the summer, I tried to contact SG President Scott Parks. In a fashion very uncharacteristic of previous SG presidents, he never replied to my e-mails.

I also tried to contact President William Powers Jr. I got an e-mail from his deputy, Charles Roeckle, who referred me to Scott Parks. Even with that recommendation from high above, Parks never replied.

When the crisis in Haiti happened, the University came together, but when the crisis in Mexico happened, we didn’t help. And although there is no comparison between the levels of devastation, our bonds of friendship with Mexico are very strong.

They are our neighbors, brothers and sisters. Many students at UT are Mexican. If we were able to help out in Haiti, why couldn’t we help out Mexico?
Scott: You have a long way to go if you want to live up to the promises of your campaign. At least answer your e-mails! Remember that not answering e-mails got Keshav in big trouble two years ago.

Students: Be aware that Student Government is not as hardworking as they tell you they will be.

Mexican students at UT: You are part of this community, too. Demand more of your Student Government.