Truck collides with motorcycle

Collin Eaton

A white Frito-Lay truck crashed into a man riding a motorcycle early Tuesday near a parking lot on Guadalupe Street.

The man was conscious and breathing when paramedics took him to University Medical Center Brackenridge, said Helena Wright, spokeswoman for the Austin Police Department. APD officers arrived about five minutes after the crash, witnesses said. APD Officer Jeffrey Chalfant said he didn’t know if the man was a UT student and did not have any other information.

Psychology sophomore Meagan Wilson said she was walking on the campus side of Guadalupe Street when she heard the motorcyclist scream just before he was hit by the truck. Wilson said the man’s helmet was smashed to pieces and his head hit the truck twice.

“I watched him do a flip in the air and his head hit the side of the truck really hard,” Wilson said. “People were talking to him and trying to keep him awake, using his broken helmet to prop up his head.”

Damage to the motorcycle included the left handle bar dangling from its socket and oil spilling out of the vehicle’s gas tank.