Texas makes central regional after winning conference title

Texas makes its fourth consecutive appearance in the NCAA tournament with its trip to the NCAA Central Regional Championship  on Thursday as the No. 6 seed.


The team won an automatic conference bid after capturing the Big 12 title on April 24. The regional takes place from May 5-7 at the Warren Golf Course in South Bend, Ind.

This is the program’s 26th postseason appearance overall, and Martha Richards’ fourth as the Longhorns’ head coach. They have had success in the regional rounds the past three years, advancing to the NCAA Championship each time.

Texas’ lineup includes Big 12 player of the year Madison Pressel in the first slot.

Among other awards, Pressel was named the conference’s player of the month for May on Wednesday. Pressel has momentum going into this tournament, and so does the team, fresh off its Big
12 championship. The team has the luxury of going into this tournament with a title win, something not even top-ranked UCLA can boast at this time.

There are 24 teams overall competing, double the size of the Big 12 tournament. Texas initially will play alongside No. 5 Wake Forest and No. 7 Tulane.