Redistricting map headed for signature, likely legal challenge

William James Gerlich

Senators approved the final passage of the congressional redistricting map with a vote of 19-12 along party lines. The map now awaits Gov. Rick Perry’s signature, and according to some Democrats, many lawsuits.

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst said lawsuits against the redistricting map will arise soon, but was confident the disputes will not affect the map.

“The committee, lawyers and the Office of the Attorney General have spent a lot of time analyzing this [redistricting map], but I am optimistic that if there is a challenge, it will be minor,” Dewhurst said.

Also on the Senate floor was the question to approve the House’s amended versions of two education bills that deal with technology in public school classrooms and flexibility among operations within public school districts' boards of trustees. Sen. Florence Shapiro, R-Plano, authored both bills.

Shapiro refused to accept the House’s amendments on her bills, saying a number of amendments added from the House were not germane. The bills will go back to a conference committee.
“I won’t let this bill die for a fear that time will not be on our side, it is far too important for our students and teachers,” Shapiro said.