Governor Rick Perry: only representing himself

Someone needs to inform Perry cheerleader Alan Sager, who was quoted in Thursday’s Daily Texan story “Perry considers presidential run,” that the “Texas story” has already been debunked by even the mainstream media for the misinformation it postulates.

Americans should be horrified and Texans even more alarmed that a divisive career politician such as Gov. Rick Perry thinks he could helm our complex union.

Prayer vigils and secession-blather aside, the reason university students, school teachers and the politically astute don’t support Perry is his record of self-serving governance at the expense of the poor, the vulnerable and working Texans.

Americans might as well vote for a bag of hair on a stick if they think Perry won’t say or do anything to further his “political capital” in the same way Bush used his political capital to lead us into the Iraq war, legalize torture, deregulate the Wall Street folks who decimated our economy and further erode our church-state-separated civil liberties.

When I see Perry personally re-roofing the governor’s mansion instead of charging Texans $1,900 a month to further his lavish rental property lifestyle, perhaps his diligent, caring contributions to this mythical “Texas story” will contain a shred of fact.

Until then, Perry is just another opportunist politician who has no business calling himself a public servant. He’s demonstrated time and time again that he represents no one except himself and his already-feeding-at-the-trough corporate supporters.

The Daily Texan’s June 23 headline in the rail to the left, “Follow You Down,” would have more accurately described our governor’s latest grandstanding to keep himself a national celebrity.

Kevin L. West, UT retiree