Texas Student Media suffers from budget cuts, low revenue

Liz Farmer

Many media outlets are experiencing decreased ad revenue, including Texas Student Media, which also faces budget cuts from the state.

Jennifer Hammat, assistant vice president of student affairs and interim director for Texas Student Media, said the projected deficit for Texas Student Media in the 2010-11 fiscal year is about $120,000.

The financial situation is a combination of budget cuts and decreased ad revenues, Hammat said. She said there is a direct correlation between the success or failure of the football team and ad revenue.

“If their clients aren’t interested in going to games, they’re not interested in advertising,” Hammat said.

Texas Student Media has about $900,000 in reserves and about one-third will be used to balance the 2011-12 budget, Hammat said. $179,000 from the reserves will go toward general operations, and $60,000 from reserves is going toward equipment upgrades.