Double Coverage Live Chat

Trey Scott and Sameer Bhuchar

Missed our first live football chat? Fear not, here are some highlights.

Question from Jake15: Do you think Texas will use multiple QBs against Rice?
Double Coverage Editor Sameer Bhuchar:
Great question.
Sports Editor Trey Scott: I think they have to. Not necessarily alternate them, but they need to play the backup and maybe the third-stringer in the fourth quarter.
Scott: All we saw last year of Case was a brief appearance in the Rice game … Texas needs to know that these guys have in-game experience so that, down the road, they can turn to one of them if [Garrett Gilbert] plays like he did in 2010.
Bhuchar: They should. [Texas head coach] Mack Brown will run Gilbert through the first three quarters to give Texas its usual lead and then open the 4th up to the backup.

Question from Sara: Who will see the most reps at running back?
Fozzy Whittaker to start. Then Malcolm Brown. Cody Johnson on the goal line and D.J. Monroe in special situations.
Scott: Oh, and don’t forget about Joe Bergeron. Saw him on campus today — looks like a defensive end.
Bhuchar: Fozzy came to media days, Fozzy is a senior … he’ll take the starting reps.

Question from Frank: What does the Christian Scott suspension (3 games) mean to the secondary?
Well, it’s better than losing him for the entire season, which looked like the case last week. I didn’t think Christian Scott would start anyways (Vaccaro is better) but it gives the Longhorns some depth and experience at safety.
Bhuchar: It will hurt, but it isn’t a big deal for those three games. I like Texas’ DBs from top to bottom.
Question from Nick: Can Quandre Diggs really be as good as the team is saying he can be?
Scott: You mean Quandre The Giant? He’s not very big, but I think he can be really good.
Bhuchar: Checkout his highlight reel … it’s pretty impressive.

Question from Wes: Who do you think takes up the second defensive tackle spot next to Kheeston Randall?
A rotation of Calvin Howell, Ashton Dorsey, Greg Daniels and Desmond Jackson. I’m not sure one of them will separate themselves though.

Question from Ron: We always have depth, even if the guys are young, how do our reserves stack up against OU?
I really like the depth; it’s young and talented. And I think Texas has more in the cupboard than Oklahoma does.
Bhuchar: Especially by way of Texas’ better recruiting pool.
Scott: Some backups to watch: Demarco Cobbs at outside linebacker, Nolan Brewster at safety and Reggie Wilson at defensive end.

Question from Cali: Which of the new coaches do you see making the biggest difference?
[Strength and Conditioning Head Coach Bennie Wylie] has really changed the culture of the program — much tougher workouts and the players look jacked.
Bhuchar: Whether Wylie has changed the culture or not, the answer should be [co-offensive coordinators] Bryan Harsin and Major Applewhite if Texas hopes to ascend back into the top 10.

Question from Dillon: Who is going to be starting in the secondary?
Kenny Vaccaro. He’s up to 220 lbs, Blake Gideon calls him “the best cover guy on the team,” and he has a penchant for delivering blows.

Bhuchar: Let’s bring something up. Should Texas A&M go to the Southeastern Conference?
Scott: They haven’t won a game against a SEC team since 1995, haven’t won a bowl since 1991, have a 10-25 record against top-25 teams since 2001.
Bhuchar: Last bowl game they won was the bowl in 2001.
Scott: I understand the promise of the SEC, but I don’t understand the Aggies suddenly thinking they’re a force to be reckoned with when they have really struggled against top teams the past 10-15 years.
Bhuchar: I see the move to the SEC as a possibility for utter failure for their program. They’d revert to Ole Miss status, only relevant every five to 10 years.
Comment from reader, Cali: You just listed off every reason why A&M is terrible, why would you want them dragging down the Big 12?
Scott: A&M is a lot better in the Big 12 than the SEC. Ags are just now getting some work done in this conference, and it sure took them a while. Not sure why they’d want to throw that away and start over in the super tough SEC.
Bhuchar: Sports mean something because of the way the fans perceive situations … fans would be lost without Texas vs. Texas A&M game.
Comment from reader, Cali: As someone who didn’t miss a home game for 23 years and is fully aware of tradition, I’d be happy to never play A&M (and their ignorant culture) again. Now, if TX/OU is ever stopped, that hurts. Are you really picking A&M as the better rivalry?
Bhuchar: I didn’t say that.
Scott: Texas/OU is the better rivalry. But Texas-Texas A&M means more to this state — spouses against spouses, co-workers against co-workers. Winner gets to brag for
a year.
Bhuchar: This is a tradition steeped in a two-hour drive down the road where both teams’ fans hate each other. What better way to celebrate Turkey Day than pigging out and watching this grudge match?

Question from Luis: Do you guys get to go to practice?
Bhuchar: No.
Scott: Longhorn Network does. Haven’t you been watching?