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October 4, 2022

Gilbert’s jersey article causes ire in readers

Leave Gilbert be

I was disappointed in The Daily Texan’s decision to feature on its front page Thursday an article highlighting the Texas Co-op’s discounting Garrett Gilbert football jerseys. Gilbert in no way deserves more negative public attention toward his quarterback career at UT. He was booed by fickle fans, lost his starting job and now the Texan is only rubbing salt on an open wound. With all that Gilbert has courageously dealt with, I am sorry that he received another negative jeer broadcast all over the front page of The Daily Texan.

It is the Texan’s duty to accurately criticize UT programs, administrators and, at times, students. Gilbert has deserved criticism in the past, but he did not deserve to have the Texan further tarnish his image with this front page article. This article is similar to those in tabloids that highlight celebrities’ mishaps and call it “newsworthy.” He has been through more than enough negativity as a UT athlete in the spotlight. Let Garrett Gilbert be.

I hope the Texan will make wiser editorial decisions in the future.

— Patton Sides
Graduate student, public affairs and community and regional planning

Human decency abandoned

I would like to express my disappointment to Thursday’s article titled “Co-op sells Gilbert jerseys at discount,” which quite frankly, I don’t even consider to be news. I do not know Garrett Gilbert, but I feel sure that he is a nice, kind, disciplined, ambitious human being who probably did his absolute best to help Texas win in football. In my opinion, he was totally humiliated by your newspaper by having this article appear at all — but especially on the front page. To add insult to injury, there is a photo of one his jerseys that is not selling well right now, being held up by a shopper. This article and picture are plain tacky and in bad taste. This poor young man is going through a most difficult time physically and mentally right now. Just imagine how embarrassed he, his family, teammates and friends must feel. I have heard that UT is like a big family. With a “family” like this, I wouldn’t bother going home for Thanksgiving. Human decency has been thrown out the window with this article. If I were the author’s or editor’s mother, I would give my child a good scolding and give him a much-needed lesson in manners. I believe that an apology is due to all who were hurt by this mean-spirited article, especially Mr. Gilbert.

— Sally Hoffman
Administrative assistant, UT project management and construction services

Rethink relationship with Nike

I was embarrassed by the story on the front page of Thursday’s Daily Texan. I frequently read the Texan and my feelings on this story match the firing line by a student who pointed out his embarrassment by fans booing Gilbert off the field in the BYU game. Neither should have happened. I cannot believe Nike can dictate how the Co-op runs its business. It’s also ironic that the #1 jersey (currently used by starters, one of whom had a career day vs UCLA) has been discounted. Maybe George Mitchell should tell Nike to let him run his business as he sees fit. Perhaps the Co-op could box up the jerseys and donate them to a third-world country where people need clothing. He could get a tax write-off that way and not add further pain to our former No. 1 quarterback. Maybe it’s time to rethink our business relationship with Nike.

— Laurence A. Becker
UT alumnus

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Gilbert’s jersey article causes ire in readers