Michael Ian Black doesn’t disappoint with comedy show at Texas Union

Megan Strickland

Michael Ian Black delivered a stand-up comedy routine to thunderous applause at the Texas Union Ballroom on Thursday night as part of the Student Event Center’s Music and Entertainment Committee’s fall lineup.

Event spokesman Travis Alexander said Black was chosen by the committee because the former “I Love the 80s” star has an act that appeals to the college audience.

“We consider comedy and entertainment shows to be just as vital to campus life as music shows are,” Alexander said. “Black has a tremendously relatable comedic style, and his act is very current-event conscious. He is relevant in the sense that he embodies the ubiquitous, but not always developed link between entertainment and the contemporary social climate.”

Radio-television-film senior Cory Runyeon said he was drawn to the event because he was familiar with Black’s television performances.

“I liked that he could tell really good jokes about a lot of different decades,” Runyeon said. “He has a twisted sense of humor.”

Black’s act Thursday poked fun at the contemporary social climate and his anecdotal style drew heavily on life experiences involving his married life, fatherhood, music, gender roles and more.

Theater freshman Tyler Beckwith said Black’s stand-up routine was much different than his improv style that originally made her a fan.

“I thought it was really good and funny,” Beckwith said. “It was really different and very dry compared to his improv. I had never seen him do stand-up before.”

Economics junior Jordan Emmert said he had never even heard of Black before, but he enjoyed the show.

“I thought he had some sharp, witty humor,” Emmert said. “He was definitely relatable. I’d never heard of him before, but now I’m going to go check him out.”

Rene Munoz, a second year pharmacy sophomore, said Black’s jokes kept him laughing.

“My throat hurts, I laughed so hard,” Munoz said.