Occupy movement merits more coverage

Jeshua Mauldin

Being a sophomore who lives on campus, I am an avid reader of The Daily Texan, but lately I feel that the Texan is coming up short on its duty to report the most important and relevant news of current times. The Occupy Austin movement, along with all of the other Occupy movements around the country and even around the world, is history in the making, and I find it to be much more important than what shops are opening on the Drag or how a student director (even though I am a film student) finds inspiration.

I find it hard to believe that it deserves any less coverage than at least one front-page article a day. That being said, I also find the overall exposure of the movement to be minimal on campus, and I believe it is your job as the Longhorn student body’s news source to report on something so momentous.

— Mauldin is a Radio-television-film sophomore