Rangers fans take in game at Pluckers

Garrett Callahan

It was all smiles in Pluckers on Monday night as the Rangers took Game 5 in the World Series. The wing restaurant and bar on Rio Grande Street has always been a popular hangout spot to watch the games, but has become even more crowded with Texas in the World Series. Rangers shirts were seen in every direction and almost all the eyes were set on the 14 televisions showing the game. Although there weren’t many big lines on Monday, almost every table was filled during the game.

For many Ranger fans, including freshman engineering major and Fort Worth native Arthur Sheridan, a World Series win is something that has been a long time coming.

“It feels good to be in this position. After all those bad seasons, it’s exciting and feels great to be in the World Series, if only now they can come out with a win,” he said.

Sheridan, like most diehard Rangers fans, remembers the pain after last years World Series where the San Francisco Giants beat the Rangers in only five games, and before that when they had only won one playoff game since their establishment.

However for another, newer, Rangers fan, this series means just as much. Freshman Jozabad Sanchez moved to Dallas four years ago and has been a Rangers fan since.

“It’s amazing to have the Rangers in the World Series,” he said. “The Cowboys aren’t doing so great, but with the [Dallas] Mavericks’ NBA title last year and the Rangers this year, Dallas is becoming a huge sports city. It’s great to watch.”

As the game progressed and Pluckers got more and more crowded, screams and sighs could be heard around the restaurant.

Loud cheers erupted when Texas third baseman Adrian Beltre hit a homerun in the bottom of the sixth inning to tie the game up at two runs apiece. However, fans didn’t spend the whole game cheering: Sighs of relief were prevalent throughout the game. When Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson got out of a pinch in the top of the fifth inning, deep breaths were taken at every table.

Even the employees the Pluckers were getting into the game. John Wamsley, a native of Texas and host at the restaurant, is a big Cardinals fan, so he’s developed a natural rivalry with the other employees.

“It’s fun,” Wamsley said. “Every time the Cardinals are winning, I rub it in their faces and then when the Rangers are winning, they do it right back.”

With Texas holding a 3-2 lead in the series, the thought of a championship is becoming more tangible for many fans.

“If the Rangers won the World Series, that would be epic,” said fan Emily Schendel. “As long as history doesn’t repeat itself and they don’t blow it like last year, it looks good.”

Another fan threatened to go berserk.

“I would go absolutely crazy if they won. It would be awesome,” said Texas fan Neil McCormick.

As the Rangers took the lead in the bottom of the eighth and shut down the Cardinals to win the game, you could sense the excitement around the restaurant. It’s tough to say where the series is going to go from here but hopefully this starts a strong baseball tradition in Dallas,” fan Ben Kovour said.

Kovour, Sheridan and Sanchez all agreed that catcher Mike Napoli should be the MVP of the series.

Where the crowds outside Ranger Ballpark in Arlington came on TV, fans in Austin saw the excitement and hope. “I wish I was there right now,” Kovour said. “Imagine how crazy it must be there. I want to be in that crowd and celebrate this even more.” 

Printed on Tuesday, October 25, 2011 as: Fans celebrate Rangers being on the brink of history