Rangers fans react to heartbreaking loss

Garrett Callahan

The faces at Cuatros restaurant and sports bar said it all Thursday night.

As the Rangers lost 10-9 after 11 innings in a heartbreaking Game 6 in St. Louis, fans at the 24th St. bar couldn’t believe what they saw. Alex Batista, an engineering freshman, thought they had the game locked in after the top of the ninth inning.

“I just couldn’t believe what was going on,” Batista said. “After they came back the first time I was stunned, and the second time was even worse. Going from a high to a low like that two innings in a row is a horrible feeling.”

Everyone at the popular hangout spot was on the edge of their seats the entire game, especially as the game neared its conclusion. The game, which ended after a walk-off home run by David Freese of the Cardinals in extra innings, was the chance for the Rangers to make history and win the first World Series title in franchise history.

International relations freshman Sam Moser felt that tonight was the night for it to happen.

“There was so much hype on the game and the Rangers’ chances to win,” he said. “[The Rangers] played a strong game and after they took the lead I thought it was ours. I’ve waited for a moment like this since I first became a fan. I really thought I was going to see history tonight.”

Although most fans were disappointed and upset, some were very optimistic. Shouts were even heard leaving the restaurant saying “it’s not over” and “still got one more game.”

Education freshman Christina Portillo was glad to see her team bounce back after last year’s heartbreaking loss to the San Francisco Giants in the World Series.

“I’m proud of them,” she said. “It’s great for them to be in this position two years in a row. It’s a great bounce back after last year’s hard loss.”

Portillo, who has been an avid Rangers fan since she moved to Dallas eleven years ago, thought the game was thrilling.

“I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. [The Rangers] were on fire. It was just fun to watch even though they lost.”

Although the Rangers disappointed their fans this time, there’s still a game tonight. As with every game, Cuatro’s will be packed again. True fans stuck out the cold last night and watched the game on the outside patio, screaming and shouting with every play. Others inside had the same enthusiasm. No one there could be held back from their excitement and eventual disappointment. However they still have faith. For Moser, a World Series title isn’t out of the question at all.

“There’s still more baseball to be played. I’m not worried. It’s just another game the Rangers are going to win.”

Printed on Friday, October 28, 2011 as: Heartbreaker