Quotes to Note: Red Raiders Rivalry

Double Coverage Staff

With Texas A&M leaving the Big 12 at the end of the school year, Texas Tech could become the Longhorns’ biggest rival. Here’s how Texas views the rivalry with the Red Raiders.

Mack Brown, head coach: “I’ve always felt that the old Southwest Conference games have a different feel. That makes this a special game.”

Blake Gideon, senior safety: “They’re definitely a formidable rival. They play us hard every time. Regardless of how they played last week or the week before, it’s never the team we see on tape. They always bring a little bit extra for Texas. That’s fine, that’s how we like it.”

David Snow, senior left guard: “I just don’t like anybody from Texas, let’s just be honest. That’s why I came here because I don’t like anybody else. I just don’t like them.”

Blaine Irby, senior tight end: “I think it’s a great rivalry. Whenever we go play in Lubbock it’s always a challenge. And when they come here, I know all the fans get hyped up and crazy for it.”

Keenan Robinson, senior linebacker: “For me, it’s as big of a rivalry as OU and A&M, just because of 2008, how they beat us at their house. We paid them back the last two years.”