Failing to see the big picture in the MyEdu debate

Allow us to introduce ourselves as three recent UT graduates who are loud-and-proud — and non-“Perry backing” — employees of MyEdu. Whether it is through familiar channels including Facebook, Twitter and email or even old-school telephone calls and face-to-face conversations, we interact with thousands of students who utilize MyEdu to benefit their academic careers. Using words such as “indispensible” and “the best thing to come out since sliced bread,” these students are not simply looking for the “easiest” professors or for A’s. They rely on MyEdu to help navigate the bumpy path to earning a degree and overcome academic setbacks. Recent articles and commentary fail to see the big picture and facts surrounding MyEdu’s partnership with the UT System. Yes, education is in a crisis. Thankfully, the UT System Board of Regents recognizes that future success requires radical change. Kudos to the regents for stepping up to the plate and doing something about it. Time will tell, but we know they made the right choice. We are excited that our alma mater is a part of a system that is dedicated to helping students. It is an incredible advantage to be three of the few people who actually know how and why this start-up company formed. And there is something special about being a part of all the hard work and decisions that motivates us to fulfill our mission of improving students’ college journey in a revolutionary way.

April Bennett, Kristina Jakstas and Jeremy Rachel are MyEdu employees and UT alumni.