Quotes to Note: Occupy Austin, Longhorn Network, and GOP

 From the controversy surrounding the Occupy movement to our favorite GOP presidential candidates, the following quotes are among the best from the last few days.

“To raise the issue is not necessarily an expression of class warfare, as critics’ bromides would have it; it can be an expression of deep concern about the health of our democracy.”
­— The editorial board of the Austin American-Statesman on the income disparity in the United States in an editorial Friday praising the Occupy Austin movement and the Austin Police Department for their generally peaceful interactions.

“We want to be good neighbors. We’re doing the best we can.”
— Occupy Austin spokesman Carl Lindeman on the movement’s relationship with the City of Austin in a statement to the Austin American-Statesman.

“If I had been running this campaign the way the pundits think I should be running it, I would have dropped out at the end of August … [But] when people get on the Cain train, they don’t get off.”
Herman Cain at an event hosted by the Texas Patriots PAC on Saturday.

“If I am elected, I will take a wrecking ball to the Washington establishment so we can get America working again.”
— Gov. Rick Perry in an op-ed published Thursday in The Washington Times addressing what he would do if he won the presidential election.

“It’s a new world. We just happen to be leading the parade.”
— DeLoss Dodds, UT men’s head athletic director, on The Longhorn Network, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. With UT on the receiving end of much finger pointing regarding athletic conference instability across the country, Dodds sat down for an interview with Businessweek that was published last week.