Discrimination column treads too much on political grounds

I was severely displeased after reading the column about discrimination in Texas, “Discrimination and Texas’ brand and prattle,” that ran on Nov. 7.

I completely agree with columnist Zoya Waliany with the idea that racism and discrimination need to end here in Texas and that Keller’s video is a disgrace. But when it comes to her political statements in the article, I believe she has gone too far. UT may be a liberal institution not in favor of Republican candidates, but to use Herman Cain’s idea of “loyalty testing” as a way to prove that racism is rampant here in Texas is preposterous. Cain may be stuck in his own ways of mistrust toward the Arab and Muslim people, but he is one person and does not represent a large portion of American society. Her premise that one person is equivalent to millions of Americans and their ideas is blowing a stance way out of proportion.

Also, Waliany tries to prove that “Texas has proven itself to be the prejudiced simpleton of the South.” Once again she uses a political stance to prove her point. Her quote, “From the legacy of questionable politicians cum president [and potential president]…” is a blatant jab at conservative politics and one that has no factor into proving her point. Waliany has completely lost sight of her original pretense of racism and discrimination toward Arab and Muslim people and shifted into a political battle.

To add to the jabs at conservatives in her article, Waliany combines conservatism and racism in the same paragraph, which can be seen as coupling conservative ideas with racism. This tactic is not only incredibly dense but also truly offensive to the conservative audience.

Waliany stereotypes conservative ideas in her column and fails to prove her point. In the end, even in an editorial piece, this is hypocritical and offensive.

John Bregger
Geography senior