Stand improves connection between Apple keyboard, tablet

Gary Hsu

The tablet is a revolutionary device marred by one fundamental flaw: It has an inefficient input method. Virtual keyboards, while aesthetically pleasing, make it difficult to type words, let alone thesis papers. Companies such as ASUS have tried to tackle the problem by creating tablets that feature physical, pull-out keyboards, such as the ASUS Transformer and Slider. These solutions make tablets thicker and bulkier and majority of consumers aren’t warm to the idea.

Daniel Haarburger, the founder and CEO of Ethic LLC, has a different solution. Ethic has created a small portable stand, the WINGStand, that physically connects a tablet or a smartphone to an Apple wireless keyboard. The stand is a simple idea that makes inputting on a touch screen device much easier and faster.

The stand itself is composed of two recycled plastic clips that are designed to connect to each other when not in use. The clips themselves come in either white or black, are small enough to easily fit in a pocket and are very sturdy and stiff. Setting up the stand is a simple affair of sliding both clips on either sides of the wireless keyboard. Once done, the tablet can be rested in a upright position similar to a traditional laptop. When typing on the keyboard, the stand does not move or slide around. The WINGStand is designed only to hold the tablet or smartphone upright, and it does it well.

However, the stand does have some flaws. The slot used to hold the tablet or smartphone in place is too narrow for tablets and smartphones with thick cases will not be able to fit those devices in the slot. The stand was built to work with Apple’s wireless keyboard; other Bluetooth keyboards are incompatible. It should be noted that the stand can stay upright without a keyboard attached to it and can be used as a standalone.

This stand allows the tablet to replace a traditional laptop for class note taking. Laptops can be bulky, large and loud, so using a tablet is ideal for these types of settings. The WINGStand’s small size and portability allows tablets to become a serious productivity tool. What the WINGStand lacks in features, it more than makes up for with its minimalist design. For those who want the ease of use of a tablet but want to be as efficient as possible, WINGStand should suit your needs.