Living up to the University’s core values

Hannah Tucker

Although the Bastrop fires have faded from the headlines, students continue to work hard through relief efforts for those affected by the fires that caused property damages estimated at more than $250 million. Included in these efforts was a T-shirt fundraiser organized by the Senate of College Councils and the University Co-op. In just two weeks, with 100 percent of the proceeds from the shirt sales going toward the American Red Cross, the fundraiser was able to raise more than $9,000. Although the monetary value of the donation from the T-shirt sales pales in comparison to the generosity of many others, what stands out the most isn’t the amount of money raised but rather how quickly students came together to reach out and help those affected by the fires.

Through their willingness to give back to those affected, Longhorns once again showed why they continue to change the world and truly live up to the University’s core values of leadership and responsibility.

As a fellow student and on behalf of the Senate of College Councils, I want to thank Co-op President George Mitchell and the University Co-op for their participation and generosity with the fundraiser and thank all of the students who not only purchased a T-shirt but also participated in various other fundraisers, donation drives and cleanup efforts hosted by other organizations.

Through the efforts and generosity of so many students and members of the UT community, Longhorns continue to show that we truly do care.