Occupy UT exists

 Contrary to a premise of the column that ran Monday titled “From Wall Street to the Main Mall,” Occupy UT-Austin does exist and is currently holding General Assembly meetings and participating in various events. I draw attention to this fact not to criticize an oversight on anyone’s part but simply to let members of the University community know that such a group exists and is quickly growing. Occupy UT’s first event was a march to the Texas Capitol, where we joined activists from Occupy Austin in voicing our concern over the defunding of public education. On Wednesday, we will raise our voices against the tuition increases proposed by the University’s Tuition Policy Advisory Committee. In addition, we are currently planning events for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, when we will occupy the University Tower. Those interested in participating in these and other Occupy UT events can visit us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates. We hope that many will stand with us in solidarity as we move forward.

Trevor Hoag
English graduate student