May we meet again soon, UT

The rivalry between UT and Texas A&M has been among the most storied in all of sports. A long chapter ended on Thanksgiving night with the final scheduled rivalry game. I was touched by the Showband of the Southwest’s tribute to the occasion by spelling “Thanks, aTm” on the field. I felt Texas-sized pride to be part of the last game.

My pride was turned to disgust by some Aggies seated in the senior section who hissed and chanted “SEC.” Their behavior was crass and classless. I was embarrassed and outraged. I want to extend an apology and affirm that this is not how most Aggies feel about our rivalry or your university. Thanks for the generous gesture and for 118 amazing years. May cooler heads prevail so that we meet again soon. Until then, just know that I will always be cheering for you to beat OU!

Emily Shuchart
Genetics sophomore, Texas A&M