Quotes to Note: On Robert Griffin

Nick Cremona

“He’s got to be a strong Heisman candidate. I was walking by Manny’s office… he said, ‘I’ve never seen this many deep touchdown passes in my coaching career.” –Mack Brown

“I think that’s inherent but if they need rallying cries after putting on this [of Robert Griffin] tape, then we’re already in trouble.” –Manny Diaz

“We definitely don’t want anyone winning the Heisman on our clock.” – Kenny Vaccaro

“We don’t plan on letting anybody win the Heisman against this defense. I’m happy for him. He’s had a heck of a season, heck of a career. Him being one of the Heisman candidates playing on that day is going to be fun to see him bring his best. We’re definitely going to bring ours.” –Emmanel Acho