Police investigate West Campus break-in

Sarah White

Police are currently investigating the break-in of a woman’s West Campus apartment that occurred yesterday at 4:18 a.m. as she was sleeping.

Upon waking up, the woman screamed, causing the intruder to flee the scene without making any attempt to attack the woman, said Austin Police Department spokesman Cpl. Anthony Hipolito.

APD arrived at the woman’s apartment at 2104 San Gabriel St. after she called 9-1-1, he said.

“She woke up to see someone at her bedside table, screamed and called 9-1-1,” Hipolito said.

APD does not know whether or not this attack is related to Esme Barrera’s Jan. 1 murder or the other December and January assaults, and it is too early in the investigation to be sure of anything, Hipolito said.

“The investigation is still very preliminary, and the woman was not able to give a description of her attacker,” Hipolito said.

The Police request that if anyone has information about the break-in they call CrimeStoppers at (512) 472-TIPS.