CMB evacuated after false alarm


Elisabeth Dillon

`Officer Bohanon escorts KLRU general manager Bill Stotesbery and Matt Laselva of the state K9 unit out of the CMB building late Thursday evening. The communications buildings were voluntarily evacuated as canines searched the CMB after a threat was made to the KLRU studios.

Sarah White

Austin 3-1-1 received a false alarm reporting a general, non-descript threat to KLRU studios in the CMB at 7:20 last night.

Austin Police Department officials visited the scene along with UT police and state troopers. Many students and UT staff, including The Daily Texan, evacuated the communications complex before police called an all-cleared at 10:05 p.m.

“There was a voluntary evacuation, and we brought in a canine to search the building,” said Darrell Birdett, spokesman for UTPD.

Birdett said officials called back the source providing the tip, but did not receive any more information after speaking to him.

“We do not think the threat was credible at all,” Birdett said.

Electrical engineering freshman Thomas Schlabrar said he saw crowds gathering around the communications complex.

“I was just walking by where all the cops were, and there was a big group of people,” Schlabra said. “The cop told people to back up.”

Schlabra said despite the threat, he feels safe at UT.

“It’s kind of a scary thing I guess, because we’ve had other problems in the past,” Schlabra said. “When [false alarms] happen so many times, you don’t even believe [them] anymore. I feel pretty safe.”

KLRU general manager Bill Stotesbery arrived at the scene to allow UTPD access to the studio in order to search it but declined to comment to the Texan.

Printed on Friday, January 27 as: APD responds to false alarm in CMB