Students need a voice

John Lawler

The editorial that ran Thursday about single-member districts in Austin titled, “Impeding fair representation” brought attention to an important issue. However, it failed to mention that UT Student Government has had a constant presence at every Charter Revision Committee Meeting for the past three months and has been continuously advocating for the 10-1 plan — the only plan that would have a chance of resulting in a reliable student seat. Another related and major reform being advocated by Austinites for Geographic Representation is the creation of a nonpartisan panel to handle the redistricting process for city council elections. SG has also successfully lobbied for the inclusion of a student in every round of that process in the future. Although it may not be the most ground-breaking or popular of issues, single-member districts will provide a rare opportunity for UT students to have a political stake in the city. We need a voice, and we need one now.