Campus ministries host Beautiful Feet to engage religious conversations

Christina Noriega

Throughout February, 72 campus ministries will participate in Beautiful Feet, a campus-wide project to engage students in religious conversation about the Christian faith.

Campus Renewal Ministries, the organization behind uniting the religious organizations, says it hopes to reach 10,000 students by the end of the month.

Kimberly Chung, staff member at Campus Renewal Ministries, said the Christian ministries have been part of a partnership for 17 years and agreed to dedicate a month to spreading the Gospel across campus. She said that the project is not meant to impose Christianity on anyone but instead is an opportunity for students who have never heard the Gospel to learn about it.

“It’s not a mass conversion effort,” Chung said. “Our intention is to start conversations with people and gain their perspective.”

Chung said Beautiful Feet intends to address any questions concerning the Christian faith that students have.

“We’d rather talk to people and explain our side and at the same time see their viewpoint than have people walking with misconceptions of what Christians are like,” Chung said.
Rusty Teeter, director of Texas Wesley United Methodist Campus Ministry, said Texas Wesley joined to collaborate with the different Christian denominations participating.

“Our desire is to give the picture that we aren’t in competition with each other, and that we’re brothers and sisters and that we’re working together,” Teeter said. “We want the campus to see us as a united front.”

Teeter said the ministries agreed that participating student members should be trained to ask questions about student’s spirituality and religion.

“There’s a desire to hear from that person to really understand where people are coming from and for us to express our beliefs and thoughts about Christianity,” Teeter said. “Then afterwards to have a discussion about what these persons think and how they respond to each other.”

Erick Rodriguez, Spanish senior and president of the Secular Student Alliance, said Beautiful Feet will allow students to engage in important conversations that spread ideas and reinforce their beliefs.

“It allows people to state their position and learn more about the position they hold and the position that their peers hold,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said there will be students ready to critique and analyze the Gospels as with any school of thought.

“I would hope that they’re ready to face some of the tough questions that the student body is going to ask,” Rodriguez said. “Not just the atheist or secular students but students of other religious denominations.”

Printed on Wednesday, February 1, 2012 as: Project aims to educate on Christianity faith, Gospel