Quotes to note: Concrete proposals define campaign

“They’re trying to do this to further their political careers. We’re not trying to be senators someday; we’re just trying to be here for the students.”
Lund on how he and Brown differ from their opponents.

“We just want to be approachable; that’s the main thing. I know, like [Lund] said, for two weeks, you hear about [candidates] and they’re slammin’ it, slammin’ it, slammin’ it, and then after that they fall off the deep end.”
Brown criticizing the status quo of SG election season.

“We want those call boxes that are on campus off campus. … West Campus is [one of] the top 15 most dangerous places in the nation for property crimes.”
Lund on how he would improve safety for students.

“Ideally, you would like the money to come from other sources, but you know, if worst comes to worst, you could say to the students, ‘Hey, would you mind paying an extra $10 this semester to help keep the library open 24 hours. I’m sure students would have an opinion on that. They would probably say yes.”
Lund on the steps he would take to fund increased student services, including keeping the library open 24 hours and providing more late-night food options.

“We started a company last semester selling T-shirts, so we’re no strangers to how things have to work … So lobbying for the students and being in front of state legislators, not a problem.”
Lund on how he would approach the upcoming legislative session.