UT redesigns, updates wordmark


(Photo courtesy of University of Texas)

Reihaneh Hajibeigi

The Office of the President approved a new wordmark design that will now better reflect UT’s brand identity.

Geoff Leavenworth, chief communications officer for the Office of the President, said this new image will now properly represent the University. Leavenworth said University Communications took steps to address concerns that UT’s wordmark appeared faint on certain documents in comparison to other universities. There were also complaints that the wordmark was illegible at a distance, he said.

“The UT family is big, bold and passionate, and this updated wordmark will embody our characteristics well,” Leavenworth said.

The UT Core Design Group was asked to address these concerns and modify certain aspects of the wordmark. The new image has the same core but now has a bolder font, and the lining between words has been altered. The updated design was then sent to UT President William Powers Jr. for approval and was implemented Feb. 15.

Gloria Lee, associate professor in the department of art and art history, said the outlining of the letters from the original seal is a good idea — however, it all depends on where the wordmark is used.

“The bolding can be a bit heavy, and it is dependent on the ultimate size/scale and its context,” Lee said.

Advertising senior Sarah Wiese said she agrees about the potential problems, but said she believes the bolding looks good.

Wiese said there is a risk of the image being seen as a blob if it is used in a small space.

“When you compare the two logos side by side, you definitely see a difference,” Wiese said. “The bolder look is such a subtle change, but even the smallest change can convey a strong message.”

Leavenworth said the group who worked on the design was volunteer-based, and the University has been instructed to use all existing documents with the old wordmark to avoid waste. The printing services office, through University Operations, was aware of the upcoming changes and was notified to use the new wordmark on all printing services once approved.

“The updated wordmark will be used when the next round of printing takes place. All stationary, business cards and official documents will have the new wordmark,” Leavenworth said. “The changes on the website and other online documents will be carried out when the website is revised for other reasons.”