Mack Brown talks about spring practice

Lauren Giudice

Although the Longhorns began spring practice on Thursday, the question of who the team’s starting quarterback will be continues.

“As far as our short-term goals for the spring, we need to get two quarterbacks ready to play, and we would like to see David and Case continue to improve,” said head coach Mack Brown at a press conference on Thursday.

This time last year, the quarterback situation was much more up in the air with four quarterbacks all fighting for that starting spot. But, Connor Brewer’s first college practice was Thursday and he could potentially make a run for the starting spot. Five other players also had their first practice at Texas Thursday.

Brown hopes the team will have a more balanced offense.

“I would like for us to have a passing game that meets our running game,” Brown said. “Where we could throw it anywhere we want and anytime we want.”

Brown said the team needs two strong quarterbacks no matter what. Although the depth chart will not be released until the fall, the quarterbacks will be judged beyond the field. The coaches will look at whether they go to class, whether they are on time to meetings and how hard they practice. In addition, Brown will look at who is the strongest leader.

Although the running game is strong and Brown said that Malcolm Brown and Joe Bergeron are healthy, Brown said that the loss of defensive personnel could hurt the team. The loss of safeties Christian Scott and Blake Gideon could hurt the team down the line. Although the team had the best defense in the Big 12 last year, Brown said the loss of various players could be detrimental this coming season.

“We have got to replace some really good down people, linebackers and safeties on defense, and everybody is talking about how great our defense will be,” Brown said. “You don’t lose that leadership, lose three guys that are at the [NFL] Combine in your front seven, and come back and just start thinking you’re just going to be good because you’re at Texas.”