Quotes to Note: Redistricting

Earlier this week, federal judges in San Antonio released interim maps for Texas’ congressional districts. The approval of the new maps would allow Texas to hold its primary elections on May 29. The following quotes are responses to the newly released maps.

“The court properly rejected the demands by some plaintiffs to draw drastic and overreaching interim maps.”
Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott on Tuesday, according to a press release.

“This was a total devastation for the Latino community across Texas.”
— Luis Vera, attorney for the League of United Latin American Citizens, according to The Washington Post.

“We’re very displeased with [the maps], but we’re still evaluating.”
— Renea Hicks, an attorney for Travis County, according to The Houston Chronicle.

“Many Texas Democrats choose to perpetuate the myth that a voter’s ethnicity can predict which party they support. … The people of Texas are the clear winners in this ruling.”
— Republican state Rep. John V. Garza, in a column Monday in The San Antonio Express-News.