Preparing for an uphill battle

John Lawler

As I sat in the Travis County courtroom last Tuesday, listening to Judge Tim Sulak deliver the ruling that would extend Terrence Maas’ and my campaign past spring break, I was disappointed to say the least. Our campaign team has been hard at work for weeks now. We were looking forward to the last — and most exciting — days of campaigning and talking with students. We were looking forward to hearing the election results announced on Thursday evening. We were looking forward to celebrating a clean, well-fought and maybe even victorious campaign.

Instead, we have very quickly been handed a new reality, and we’re moving swiftly into uncharted waters. Our campaign is approaching the end of our budget and resources, and to be perfectly honest, we have more questions than answers regarding how these next few weeks will play out. We’re emboldened in our resolve, but we’re preparing for an uphill battle.

At the outset of this campaign, we cast a bold vision. It continues to encourage and inspire us, and we haven’t lost sight of it. We’re in this for the long haul.

John Lawler is an SG presidential candidate.