Avoid emergencies with these essential, easily forgotten items

Elijah Watson

These must-have South By Southwest items will help make your experience that much more enjoyable.

While there are plenty of ATMs scattered across downtown, you can avoid their steep service charges by widthrawing your funds earlier.

Energy drink/water
Since there’s so much beer and alcohol available, be smart, and keep a bottle of water handy at all times. You’ll keep hydrated and avoid having to pay what will likely be overpriced bottled water and sports drinks.

Extra camera batteries and memory cards
To save yourself from unexpected last minute trips home to remedy a dead battery or overloaded memory card, bring extras of both. Probably woudln’t hurt to bring your charger, too.

Tote bag
Along with their free events, SXSW offers an assortment of free items that get passed along by different groups hoping to spread their company’s name. In order to reap the benefits of free stickers, CDs and anything else, it’s wise to carry a mid-sized bag to collect everything being handed out. Stick an umbrella in there, too. Irregular Texas weather demands it.

A light jacket
The week of SXSW is expected to feature warm, breezy days, but it’s still spring, and evenings can get pretty cold. Bring something to add as an extra layer for those late night parties and shows.