Breaking SXSW news shared with fans by using Twitter


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Elijah Watson

When it comes to South By Southwest, Twitter can become one of your greatest friends. From famous actors and actresses to big-shot rappers and rockstars, everyone who will be at SXSW will be talking about it through Twitter. Those who attended SXSW last year know the benefit of Twitter when Kanye West and Jay-Z performed a secret show at the Seaholm Power Plant. Along with West and Jay-Z's performance, attendees found out about Death From Above 1979's secret show and Jack White’s surprise visit to Austin through the social media outlet. Of course, Twitter is important for a few other things, and if you like special giveaways or receiving cool stuff, then it would be smart to get acquainted with tweeting culture before SXSW begins.

Find out about secret shows: There is always a mystique behind SXSW, and who may come to put on a guest performance. Although an artist may not announce a secret performance through Twitter, those who are promoting it may offer hints. Those willing to believe the rumblings may be blessed with seeing the rumors become a reality. “I found out about Jack White's performance through Twitter,” said 2011 UT alumna Jenny Kim. White, who played an impromptu concert during last year's SXSW, surprised everyone when he came rolling through in a yellow and black truck.

Find out about guest celebrity appearances: Along with guest performers, there is the possibility of guest celebrity appearances. Last year, comedian Aziz Ansari could be seen walking through downtown Austin, and there was that infamous scuffle with someone trying to photograph actor Jake Gyllenhaal at the premiere of his movie “Source Code.” Through the use of hashtags, Twitter users can go through a clutter of tweets immediately, finding the information they want in a timely manner.

Find out where free food and beer is available: “Instead of just searching for free food, you can look on Twitter for places that are offering it,” said biology junior Waytao Shing. From SouthByFreeNoms to SXSWFreeDrinks, these and other Twitter profiles are made to help you find a quick bite to eat or an alcoholic beverage to drink for absolutely free.

Find out about venues and stores offering free wristbands: Stumped because you can't get into a certain show or venue? Some venues and stores offer free wristbands to get into SXSW shows and showcases, announcing their giveaways through their Twitter accounts. Most recently, motorcycle store Woods Fun Center offered two free wristbands, announcing the contest through their Twitter account.

Article printed in Daily Texan Guide to SXSW as Follow That Bird.