SXSW Music — DAY 5

Elijah Watson

Everything seems to come to a breaking point during the fifth, and basically last, day of SXSW. The festival's events coincided with St. Patrick's Day, resulting in a Saturday that was catastrophic, but in all the right ways.

The Fader Fort brought in an assortment of artists during the week, but their special guest for Saturday was more than anyone could hope for. Hip-hop heavyweight Rick Ross took to the stage later in the evening, whose boastful grunts and husky rhyme delivery had concertgoers in a frenzy. From older hits like "Hustlin," to more-recent tracks like "B.M.F.," the big man's set was well-received.

Emo's East and the newly-opened Beauty Ballroom hosted a Super Party presented by Scion, that featured artists Diplo, Trash Talk, A-Trak and the A$AP Mob. The evening performances were incredible; rap duo G-Side had fans bouncing wildly as they went through tracks off of their latest release, iSLAND. Accompanied by a few backup singers, rappers ST 2 Lettaz and Yung Clova received plenty of Austin love for their show, running around onstage and pumping up the crowd.

The A$AP Mob was more just about A$AP Rocky, but fans didn't seem to care; the "Pretty Muthafucka" started off with "Pretty Flacko," and brought out his clique towards the end of the set. "We're not just rap; we're punk-rap," said A$AP Rocky proudly, before stage-diving into the crowd. A caped crusader, who introduced himself as "Super Party Guy" followed in suit behind him, receiving laughter and applause from the A$AP Mob and attendees.

Unfortunately, things became a little too rowdy for the A$AP Mob during their performance at the Vice Kills Texas party, where the group ended up in an altercation involving some of the crowd members. This hasn't been the first time SXSW has seemed to end on a sour note: last year during Death From Above 1979's performance, a group of fans who could not get into the show, broke out into a riot. For the most part though, this year's SXSW was a success, bringing in a diverse collection of artists that satisfied.