More information revealed on NYE murder suspect’s suicide

Sarah White

A recent report from the Office of the Medical Examiner revealed more information about the suicide of James Loren Brown who is a suspect in several assaults as well as the Jan. 1 murder of Esme Barrera.

Brown died from asphyxiation by placing a plastic bag over his head, said Austin Police Department spokesman Anthony Hipolito.

“Mr. Brown’s DNA is linked to seven assaults as of right now,” Hipolito said. “Although DNA was not recovered from the homicide scene, Brown is still the prime suspect for ‘Murder One’ of Esme Barrera on New Year’s Day.”

He said APD has circumstantial evidence to connect Brown to the Jan. 1 murder of Barrera, an Austin resident and avid music fan. The investigation is still open and APD is exhausting all resources to further connect Brown to the homicide, although most of the DNA analysis has already been conducted, Hipolito said.

“The homicide unit will continue to look at all the evidence as we attempt to put the pieces of this puzzle together,” Hipolito said. “We are still fairly confident that Brown was involved in this incident and that he will remain the primary suspect.”