Court hearing regarding Kylie Doniak postponed

Sarah White

The court hearing for the man accused of injuring Kylie Doniak, communications senior and UT soccer player, was postponed for May 1 by Judge Clifford Brown on Wednesday.

The hearing was postponed in order to allow parties more time to review the case brought against Nicholas Colunga by the Travis County District Attorney, said Billy Pannel, the bailiff of the 147th District Court, which is overseen by Judge Brown. Pannell said the next set court date is May 1, although the hearing will not necessarily take place then — especially if the hearing is postponed once again.

Colunga allegedly collided with Doniak and two other pedestrians after running a red light at the intersection of Eighth Street and San Jacinto Boulevard February 3. He was taken into police custody that night after being pursued and apprehended by a witness and has remained in jail since then. Robert Mueller, Colunga’s attorney, represented him in court yesterday although Colunga did not appear. Mueller received permission from Judge Brown to postpone the hearing. Mueller could not be reached for comment.

Colunga is being accused of four separate offenses including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and failure to stop and render aid. He also had a previous count against him for parole violation, according to court documents.

Doniak is currently undergoing rehab at a hospital in California, according to an update posted by her sister on Doniak’s CaringBridge web page. Doniak has been recovering, although she still struggles with short term memory problems and recently had a feeding tube removed.

“Keep praying for us and Kylie because your prayers are evident every single day,” her sister, Alyssa Doniak, wrote on the blog. “We are continuously thanking God and all of our friends and family because it has only been 10 weeks (such a short amount of time in the big picture) and Kylie is already showing her personality.”