Longhorn of the Year nomination: Simeon Bochev

Jonathan W. Valvano

Editor’s note: The following is a suggestion we have received for Longhorn of the Year.

Simeon Bochev

Simeon is one of the most outgoing, helpful, thoughtful and energetic students I have ever known. So, it is with great pleasure that I recommend Simeon Bochev for Longhorn of the Year. Every five or six years, a student like Simeon comes along that shines with a destiny for greatness. I had Simeon in my sophomore-level laboratory class, Introduction to Embedded Systems. The fact that he is a great student is not what makes him special. What makes him special is his vision for the future for our University, for our country and for our world.

He took my class during a semester during which I was chairing a curriculum reform committee for our electrical and computer engineering department. We had many discussions about curriculum reform, both in content and process. He seems to genuinely care for his fellow students and fellow citizens. Most students are caught up in the selfish process of educating themselves and enhancing their portfolios. Simeon actively participates in bettering his world. He makes a great leader because of his listening skills and vision for how the pieces of our world fit together.

He is respectful, articulate and bold. He is not just a talker but is one who understands that change for good requires action. He is courageous enough to ask the difficult questions. For example, one of the issues facing our University is budget cuts. He has interesting insights on impacts of cuts on students, staff and the educational process.

I am impressed with Simeon because of the intensity of his desire to do the right thing, ask the hard questions and improve the university experience for everyone.

As he travels the world doing great things, I know he will be a great ambassador for our University, our state and our nation. I highly recommend him.

Jonathan W. Valvano
Engineering professor