Longhorn of the Year nomination: Marsha Miller

Matt Portillo

Editor’s note: The following is a suggestion we have received for Longhorn of the Year.

Marsha Miller is UT’s official photographer, and she has served the University in this capacity for more than 15 years. Most students have never met her before, but all of us are familiar with her work. Hundreds of the photographs we see everyday — faculty portraits, action shots of student activities, and the beautiful Tower images that adorn University publications — are her creations. Explaining this institution to outsiders is an important but difficult task; Marsha’s images help articulate what our words cannot.

The best photojournalists are inconspicuous and subtle, and Marsha eschews the celebrity status and recognition she deserves. Her significant contribution to the student experience is that she has been documenting it for years. From her first days as a photographer at The Daily Texan to now, the images of generations of student activity have made their way through her lenses and into countless yearbooks, newspapers, informational brochures, books and Web features.

On a more personal level, Marsha never hesitates to lend a helping hand to students. She’s insightful, funny and deeply appreciative of the University. I consider myself exceptionally fortunate to count her as a mentor and friend.

“In a complex and dynamic institution like ours, it is virtually impossible to document the many significant events that become our history,” notes James Vick, mathematics professor and former Vice President for Student Affairs. “Still, the contributions Marsha has made are unique and invaluable. Her work is superb, but even more impressive to me is the sensitivity she has in dealing with human issues and the ability she exhibits daily to ensure that the people and events that make up our lives here are respectfully recorded for the benefit of those who will follow us.”

Marsha’s long-standing, humble devotion to our University is commendable. It is my pleasure and honor to nominate her for Longhorn of the Year.

Matt Portillo is a Rhetoric and Writing and Music senior