Supporting progressive change

I am writing to respond to the editorial board’s endorsement of Bill Spelman for City Council. I don’t take issue with your support of my opponent. I do take issue with the failure to accurately describe my agenda and platform. The notion that I am “firmly opposed to any progressive change on council” demonstrates a failure to actually follow this election and listen to my positions at nearly two dozen forums and meetings.

I am the candidate who supports the 10-1 redistricting plan that would give UT a legitimate chance of actually electing a representative to city council. I am the candidate who supports moving elections to November to boost student turnout in particular. I am the candidate who has opposed corporate welfare for companies that do not require the public resources. Most importantly, I am the only candidate running for city council that has made education and workforce development a central theme of my campaign. I have specifically articulated a vision for a community-inspired education effort to expand opportunity and improve results. Spelman is on the wrong side of all these issues. Sound like progressive change to you?

Dominic “Dom” Chavez is a candidate for City Council.