Tuition assistance resumes for student soldiers at UT-Arlington, UT-Austin talks still ongoing [UPDATE]

Bobby Blanchard

Update on June 22 at 12:50 p.m. – UT spokesperson Gary Susswein said UT Austin and Texas Army National Guard officials had a productive meeting Thursday afternoon on their differing tuition policies.

“Nothing is final, but we are discussing a solution we believe will satisfy UT Austin's flat rate tuition policies as well as the national guard's tuition assistance program requirements,” Susswein said.

UT-Arlington and the Department of Defense reached an agreement to resume tuition funding for active military students on Tuesday, while UT-Austin and the DOD are still negotiating, according to the Texas National Guard’s Education Services Office website.

Earlier in June, the Texas National Guard sent letters to active military students in at UT-Austin and UT-Arlington, warning them they may need to self-fund their education since the DOD will no longer grant tuition assistance for students attending schools that bundle tuition rates into a single, flat rate. The DOD instead wants schools to itemize their tuition on a course-by-course basis to make sure students are using the funding only for tuition and not other expenses.

The post on the Education Services Office website said the agreement with UT-Arlington means the school will provide itemized bills directly to the Education Services Office.

“As soon as our office receives itemized bills for students attending UT-Arlington, it will start approving the previously rejected applications for tuition assistance, barring all other criteria has been met by the Student,” the website said.

The website said the office of Education Services was still in discussion with UT-Austin, and it looked foreword to reaching an agreement soon.

UT spokesman Gary Susswein told the Daily Texan last week that the University was committed to making sure no students who were members of the military would lose their funding.