Tuition assistance granted for soldier students

Max Bridges

The Texas Military Forces and the University of Texas at Austin have reached an agreement allowing students who serve in the National Guard to maintain their military tuition assistance.

The agreement, approved by the Department of Defense, changes UT’s policy on how tuition fee statements are listed. UT’s funding from the Federal Tuition Assistance program was at risk after a Department of Defense policy change in March required schools to provide itemized tuition fee statements in order to receive funding. Now UT meets this requirement and 24 active military students at UT will continue to receive their federal funding.

Kevin Hegarty, vice president and chief financial officer at UT-Austin, said in a press release that UT-Austin and the Texas Army National Guard worked together to fix the policy discrepancy.

“The University of Texas at Austin is dedicated to helping students who are active military and veterans and is regularly recognized as one of the top schools in the nation for soldier students,” Hagerty said. “Today’s agreement allows these students to continue to receive all the tuition assistance to which they are entitled and will not cost the university any extra money. The Texas Army National Guard has worked closely with UT-Austin to resolve this issue quickly and smoothly.”

In June the Texas National Guard sent letters to active military students at UT-Austin and UT-Arlington warning them that their funding was at risk because of the differences in tuition practices. Failure to adhere to the policy would have affected 46 students, 24 in Austin and 22 in Arlington.