Defensive Matchups

Draike De La Garza

Defensive Line- UT
The Texas defensive line sacked Wyoming’s Brett Smith only once last week and Smith was given a lot of time in the pocket. It did seem as the game moved along that the defensive line got into a better stride. The Longhorns only allowed 69 rushing yards to the Cowboys and the Lobos should not get too far on such a talented D-line that is hoping to improve after the first game.

Linebackers- UT
The Texas linebacking crew will face a triple option from New Mexico, an offensive scheme that seems like a lost art in an era where the spread offense is most prevalent. The linebackers of Texas missed some tackles and allowed 11 third down conversions last weekend. With that said, it is almost certain that the Texas linebackers will perform at a high level against New Mexico and look to excel in the trenches against the Lobos’ triple option, where size and overall talent will play as a factor that is in Texas’ favor.

Defensive Backs- UT
Needless to say the Texas secondary stepped up when they had to but a couple big plays were given up that left some question marks. Kenny Vaccaro played exceptionally well against Wyoming. A Vaccaro interception kicked the momentum in Texas’ favor, with the ensuing drive ending with David Ash’s 16-yard touchdown pass to Jaxon Shipley. New Mexico’s passing game should not be a problem for a strong Texas secondary. The New Mexico secondary allowed 242 yards through the air and one touchdown in their win against Southern.

Special Teams- UNM
New Mexico’s Justin Adams, who knocked in a 38-yarder last game, has the advantage. Nick Jordan missed his first field goal as a Longhorn (46 yards) but came back hitting a 31-yarder later in the game. The Longhorns may still have to work out some special team kinks as the season rolls on.