Cutting James Hill’s legacy short

Alyssa Howard

Picking up a copy of the Daily Texan today, I was pleasantly surprised to see a story on former UT vice president James Hill. I was further pleased that the story covered the legacy Mr. Hill imparted at the university, which particularly resonates within the African American student population.

Yet when I turn to page two, instead of seeing a continuation of the story, I am met with an advertisement of Planet K. Mind you, every other story continuation was present.

Apparently, Mr. Hill’s accomplishments were not deemed important enough to merit the same courtesy.

How utterly tacky and, quite frankly, completely disrespectful. While I am hopeful this was an honest mistake on the part of the staff, I cannot help but feel that The Daily Texan is slipping into old habits. After the paper landed in hot water for the insensitive Trayvon Martin cartoon published last spring, the staff made a pledge to be more aware of matters that reflect the diversity of this institution. This mishap is not a step in the right direction.

Luckily, this mistake will not minimize the accomplishments of Mr. Hill, nor tarnish the legacy he leaves behind. It does, however, tarnish my opinion of and faith in this newspaper.

Alyssa Howard
Junior, psychology and English