Fashion club: how to dress seasonally


Pu Ying Huang

Public relations juniors Elizabeth Allensworth and Jonathan Ochart are the public relations officers for UT’s University Fashion Group. Elizabeth descibes her style as classic whereas Jonathan pulls fron vintage influences.

Rainy Schermerhorn

Although Austin has experienced a mix of rain and mild temperatures this past week, summer can often seem like a never-ending season in central Texas. While many students opt for the ever-trusted Nike shorts and T-shirt combination, comfort and fashion do not have to be mutually exclusive for the last few weeks of erratic Texas weather. The University Fashion Group, a student organization with a goal of spreading principles from the arts through means such as apparel design, textiles and retail merchandising, has a few tips and tricks for surviving the heat that is bound to return in upcoming weeks.

“Wearing layers is pretty much a death wish [for summer], unless you enjoy sweating on the way to class,” said Jonathan Ochart, assistant director of public relations for the group. “So, to add personality to my everyday look, I try to incorporate bold colors, stand-out prints and interesting accessories.”

Although some may be eager for fall’s layering-friendly pieces such as cardigans and sweaters, this can prove impractical. To combat this, Ochart recommends unique color choice and accessories like jewelry, belts and wristwatches to add subtle variety to your wardrobe. “

Mixing basic shorts with a v-neck in eye-catching hues, from an intense cobalt to a calmer, yet pleasing tone like mint green, provides a break from floods of burnt orange and neon,” said Ochart. “Some guys shy away from v-necks, but in reality, they streamline the body, creating a more flattering and stronger torso.”

Alongside v-necks and tank tops, UFG member Christi Williams recommends polo shirts as another way to dress up an outfit without having to throw on any unnecessary layers.

“My look over the summer is what I liked to call modern prep,” said Williams. “I love the classic polo shirt with an Oxford button up and some cute loafers, but at the same time I like to consider myself a vintage queen. I love retro denim and 80s cuts and prints.”

When it comes to dressing for summer, Elizabeth Allensworth, director of public relations for UFG, suggests creating a pair of cut-offs out of old Levis from thrift stores like Buffalo Exchange, allowing for a quick fix to any outworn pair of jeans. She also recommends sundresses as a summer staple, paired with accessories to add flair to a simple piece.

“Kendra Scott’s new Skylar Earrings have been a favorite of mine this summer,” said Allensworth. “They are light enough to wear all day and don’t add the weight that a big, heavy necklace does, which can also be terribly hot. Those earrings with my watch and go-to rings and I’m as ready as I’ll ever be!”

Alongside bimonthly meetings, the group also organizes an annual senior fashion show for design majors. For more tips, the University Fashion Group’s newly launched website’s street style section features students’ looks as spotted throughout the UT campus.

“Scrolling through these photos can provide viewers with several ideas for putting together their own outfits that not even 100 degree weather can destroy,” Ochart said. “Or, even better, attending our bimonthly meetings grants students the opportunity to meet stylish guest speakers and fellow UFG members for fun fashion ideas in real time.”

Printed on Monday, September 17, 2012 as: Fashion club offers tips to dress cool