Liberal Arts Week will showcase the college’s resources

Bobby Blanchard

With more than 50 majors in the College of Liberal Arts, defining a liberal arts student is not always easy. But this year’s Liberal Arts week will attempt to explore that, starting with an essay contest and a panel on religion in American politics.

Government senior Morgan Caridi, president of the College of Liberal Arts council, said this year’s annual Liberal Arts week will showcase the college’s resources for students. Caridi said the Liberal Arts week is held annually, and students outside of the college are encouraged to attend. Each year has a theme, and this year’s theme is “You know you’re in Liberal Arts when …”

Plan II Honors senior Christine Thorne-Thomsen, program director on the Liberal Arts council, said trying to define what makes a liberal arts student is a challenge.

“It is not just one definition,” Thorne-Thomsen said. “I think that is what makes us liberal arts students. We are all over the place. We are passionate about all different things.”

On Monday, “The Liberator,” the College of Liberal Arts’ news-magazine, is hosting an essay contest with a $250 prize. The winning essay will also be published in the October edition of “The Liberator.” The topic is “How would your liberal arts education influence your personal platform for the presidency of the United States?”

Mallory Foutch, communications director of Liberal Arts council, said this is the second year the College of Liberal Arts has hosted an essay contest with a cash prize.

“It is very common that if you’re in the liberal arts college, you have good writing skills, just because they’re critical no matter what your major is,” Foutch said.

The essay is due at 5 p.m. by email to [email protected]. The council is also hosting a panel Monday discussing religion’s role in American politics.

“We have such a diverse college, we really like to highlight the smaller departments,” Caridi said. “We’re showcasing a professor that specializes in different religions.”

Politics is a consistent theme throughout this year’s week, Caridi said, because of the presidential election in November. Tuesday, the council is hosting an open discussion on the 2012 presidential election called “The Amazing Presidential Race.” Caridi said some of the topics they will focus are the roles of media and mud-slinging in the election.

Thorne-Thomsen said not all of the events will be strictly serious. On Wednesday, the council is co-hosting a game of New York Times Jeopardy with a New York Times representative.

The council is also informing students about destressing techniques on the West Mall. Caridi said the Wednesday event is the last big event of the week — she said the week is “top heavy.”

Throughout the week, the College of Liberal Arts will have a white board near the Six Pack, where liberal arts students are encouraged to write why they love being a part of the college and have their photo taken. The photos will be used as part of a collage in the new Liberal Arts building when it opens in the spring.

Cardi said Monday through Wednesday on the West Mall, the Campus and Community Focus committee of the Liberal Arts Council is partnering with Hook the Vote to register students to vote.

Printed on Monday, September 24, 2012 as: COLA week offers events for students