Horns Score a Win Against Alumni

Jacob Martella

Taking a break from their competitive schedule, the Longhorns hosted their annual Weis Cup Alumni Match on Sunday and reclaimed the cup after a 5-1 win over the alumni.

The Cup, which is named after former women’s golf head coach Pat Weis, is tied overall with both sides winning three cups each.

“It’s a wonderful weekend of alumni interaction with our current players and then a great competition today,” current Longhorns head coach Martha Richards said.

Among the notable alumni who participated in the event was Sherri Steinhauer. Steinhauer, who graduated from the University in 1985, has posted eight wins on the LPGA Tour, including winning the 2006 Women’s British Open.

“I’m just so honored to come back and play for coach [Weis] and then get to meet the current team,” Steinhauer said. “They’re so talented and it’s so different from when I went to school here. It’s really fun to see how the talent has come along and there are a lot of great players.”

The tournament also provided the Longhorns with a chance to warm up before their next tournament at Stanford next weekend. Freshman Tezira Abe said joining in the competitiveness this weekend helped since the team hasn’t played in a tournament in a couple of weeks.

“I played with Bertine Strauss today and we played against Lisa DePaulo and Steinhauer and they were really tough today,” Abe said. “It was a lot of really good competition.”