We asked: Parking on campus

We asked students on Guadalupe Street about their most memorable parking experiences and their overall impressions of campus-area parking conditions.

“One time I was moving in from spring break or something and I parked my car outside of my dorm for five minutes to bring my stuff up, and I got a $200 ticket. They were like, ‘you can’t park here, you have to have your flashers on.’

It’s kind of unfair. I think they expect us to pay a lot money if we want to park on campus, but it’s like, I already have a car, I’m already spending money on gas and stuff, so it should be easier.”

— Kelsey Mayfield, French and computer science sophomore

“I haven’t had a problem with it, really. I either park in my garage spot or at my fraternity house, so I personally don’t have a problem with it. Just experiences with campus parking in the garages haven’t gone too well.”

— Sean Wolff, biology freshman

“My friend got assigned a parking space that was for a compact car but she had a regular-sized car, so now she has to park in a garage that isn’t even under her apartment complex.

I guess there isn’t really much of a way to fix it unless you make it [campus] a big parking lot. It’s just overall inconvenient. It’s not horrible but it’s definitely inconvenient.”

—Michaela Marziale, biology sophomore

“The West Campus parking situation is dismal. It’s completely terrible.  I mean, there’s a ‘No Parking’ sign every 20 feet … Even reserved parking gets taken all the time, so I wouldn’t be opposed to the construction of a parking lot or parking zone or something like that. I know that they say that’s just too expensive and that’s why they haven’t done it, but I wouldn’t be opposed to it.

[My fraternity] has accrued something in the way of a thousand dollars in parking tickets for parking in front of dumpsters, parking in front of fire hydrants, even parking in our driveway … it’s just ridiculous. The parking control people take their jobs way too seriously.”

— Nathan Templeton, chemical engineering freshman