Texas continues trend with second place finish

Rachel Wenzlaff

If Texas continues the trend set by assistant coach John Hayes, a Big 12 Championship should be more or less guaranteed for the next cross-country season.

Since coach John Hayes’s arrival with the team in 2009, Texas has upgraded sequentially in the conference meet each season — fifth in 2009, fourth in 2010, third in 2011, second in 2012 this past Saturday and if the trend continues, first in 2013.

“We didn’t accomplish what our goal was, but it was a solid performance, just wasn’t quite what we were looking for. When OSU made a move, psychologically that gets in guys’ heads and we weren’t able to cover that move like I thought we should have been able to,” Hayes said.

Although the Longhorns were not able to secure a first place victory, they managed to cause an upset in their defeat of Oklahoma. Yet many of the Longhorn runners expressed they were not completely satisfied with their performance and with the fact that Oklahoma State was able to pull off the win for the fifth consecutive season.

“We still have yet to have a meet where we have everybody running 100 percent, and [OSU] put in a stronger move than we were prepared to cover,” sophomore Craig Lutz said. “All in all they are probably a better 8k team, but when the championship stuff moves to a 10k, we’re going to have a better shot,”

The Longhorns look hopeful for the future as they prepare for the NCAA South Central Regional Championships on Friday, Nov. 9.