Austin Police Department laws enforced, alternative transportation provided for Halloween

Joan Vinson

Austin police, Capital Metro and University officials will be working to ensure students have a safe Halloween this year by strictly enforcing driving laws and providing alternative transportation.

The Austin Police Department will execute a “No Refusal” initiative this Halloween to more strictly enforce drunk driving laws. Parking and Transportation Services, in conjunction with Capital Metro, will provide E-bus service on Halloween night.

The E-bus provides late night bus service free of charge to faculty, staff and students with their UT ID. It travels from Main Campus, West Campus and Riverside to the downtown area. The bus will begin running at 8:30 p.m. and will leave East Seventh Street and San Jacinto Street for its final run at 3 a.m.

The “No Refusal” initiative involves the increased issuance of blood search warrants to those suspected of drunk driving who refuse to give a breathalyzer test or blood sample. Judges will be more available to sign warrants during this initiative.

The initiative will go into effect at 9 p.m. Wednesday and will end at 5 a.m. Thursday.

Anthony Hipolito, Austin Police Department spokesperson, said 11 DWI offenders were arrested Halloween night last year.

“We take drunk driving very seriously, because it is a totally preventable crime,” Hipolito said. “Drinking and driving has killed too many people.”

According to APD, about 26 percent of last year’s traffic fatalities were alcohol-related.