Two sides to town hall

Chris Frandsen

In response to “Town meeting hosts candidates’ views,” which ran on Nov. 5, 2012.

I believe that you are trying to sensationalize a very small, inconsequential incident in an afternoon of discussions. I was equally offended by candidate Rostig’s continual misuse of the word “socialism” to describe various Democratic programs that he did not like, such as Obamacare. In fact, I too responded to candidate Rostig on two separate occasions, prior to Judge Henson’s comments. Perhaps Rostig is calling her out, and you seem to be playing along because she is a sitting judge.

It would have been nice if you could have at least published the names of the other participants in the town hall event to show some interest in providing the civic service traditionally provided by newspapers from their inception, namely, to educate the citizenry about the issues and candidates.  Instead, you focused on a rebuttal without covering the issues involved.

Of course, in today’s world I have often heard that any publicity is good publicity, so perhaps I am just jealous. I fear we live in a cynical world. I hope The Daily Texan will embrace the traditions of old and report the four W’s.  Jazz it up if you must, but please cover all four W’s and give us a bit more background. You know how we politicians just love free publicity.

— Chris Frandsen
Candidate, District 47
Texas House of Representatives