Campus postcard

Edgar Walters

What could be better than a Ryan Gosling sighting on campus? Amid rumors that the mysterious Terrence Malick film project, which has thrown UT-Austin into a frenzied celebrity love-fest, would contain a racquetball scene, a crowd of students gathered in front of Gregory gym for the  opportunity to catch Mr. Gosling in short shorts and wielding a paddle. But at the same hour  a giant hawk chose an oak branch above the gym’s entrance as its dining location and took to devouring a squirrel. The sight distracted Gosling hunters. We figure that either the actor has begun colluding with wildlife and perfected the art of avoiding a crowd, or UT students have once again gotten confirmation that they shouldn’t feed the squirrels, unless, of course, they are particularly partial to hawks.

— Edgar Walters, Daily Texan Associate Editor